KBC lottery manager name is Akash Verma

He is working in KBC since 2015. KBC Akash Verma number is +94757096801. You can contact KBC or its lottery manager on any of the mentioned phone lines for information about KBC WhatsApp fake message. KBC manager Akash Verma did not call anyone regarding the KBC lottery. This means any call from someone pretending to be Akash Verma is fake. If you receive this kind of call please contact Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp number which is +94757096801

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According to KBC, the lottery manager

of KBC is Akash Verma. His official contact number is +94757096801. He is 54 years old and lives in Mumbai, India. The directors of KBC Limited are Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, Mr. Vijay Kumar and Ms. Sonia Kumari. The most famous lottery manager of KBC lucky draws is Akash Verma. 

KBC 2024 Lottery Manager Name

Current name of KBC lottery administrator is Akash Verma, he is 54 years old and lives in Mumbai, India. Additionally, to connect with KBC Lottery Manager Akash Verma, please contact +94757096801. According to KBC, the current name of KBC host is Akash Verma. It is also the host of KBC Lucky Draw 2024 and WhatsApp Lucky Draw since 2019.

Akash Verma Salary:

Average KBC Lottery Manager Salary in India is 5 Lakhs for 1 year to 5 years experience. The salary range of KBC manager in WhatsApp for lucky draw is 3 to 4 million.

Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp Number
Contact details of KBC lottery managers

Akash Verma phone number is +94757096801
KBC Lottery Manager Rana Pratap Singh phone number is +94757096801.
Akash Verma Manager KBC has WhatsApp number +94757096801.
Rana Pratap Singh Official Manager of KBC has WhatsApp number +94757096801
+94757096801 is KBC WhatsApp number.

Fraudsters are using Akash Verma’s photos.

A fake call by a caller from a non-Indian WhatsApp number claims that the user has won Rs. 25 lakh reward in KBC by sending a message with attached poster image of KBC Lottery Manager Akash Verma. Customer must call Akash Verma on +94757096801. Where he will be informed that he has won KBC Lottery 2024.

All Lucky Draw SIM Cards Mr. Akash Verma
Dear KBC lovers, we have a good news for you: Mr. Akash Verma is the new Lottery Manager of All Sim Card Lucky Draw. In this lucky draw, you don’t need to go anywhere to participate in the draw, just call Akash Verma WhatsApp number and send your document to him. Mr. Akash Verma will verify your document and select you in All Sim Card Lucky Draw within few hours. Once you have selected, do not hesitate to come to the KBC headquarters in Mumbai on the day of selection.

Good news now every Indian can get a chance to win lottery online.

Just contact KBC Lottery Manager Mr. Rana Pratap Singh at +94757096801. To join this lottery program, give your personal details on KBC contact number. KBC will receive any call regarding a lottery win.

Akash Verma KBC Lottery Head Office 2024
Akash Verma headquarters is in Mumbai, anyone who wants to participate in KBC lucky draw can visit Akash Verma headquarters. Akash Verma’s registered address is Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070. Akash Verma’s WhatsApp number is +94757096801.

The sender of KBC Lottery 2024 SMS via WhatsApp

claimed to be KBC Lottery 2024 Manager Akash Verma, Bank Manager at SBI or any other bank official. However, to participate in the exhibition, you must contact the KBC display office phone. The KBC phone number has been added to our professional website. For example, what if you need to get in touch with KBC employees? In this case, you can get all the necessary information regarding the KBC claim number on our professional website. KBC game show phone number is listed here.

KBC scam WhatsApp message

WhatsApp users are reporting a hoax message to KBC in the name of KBC manager Akash Verma regarding the popular KBC game show. Rajesh Kumar from Mumbai received WhatsApp messages from +923***** telling him that he had won the lottery of 25 lakhs in the KBC lucky draw. remember this is Pakistani number and don’t trust this number.

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