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One of the valuable and well-known personalities among the KBC official team members is Mr. Akash Verma KBC Finance Manager. Mr. Akash Verma is an honest man. Rana Pratap Singh and Mr. Akash Verma are currently serving as the managers of Kaun Banega Crorepati since 2010

Introduction to Mr. Akash Verma
We are pleased to announce that he is an experienced and well-known member of our official team. He has been working at KBC headquarters as KBC’s financial manager since 2010. His services are full of hard work and trustworthiness for us. Currently, KBC Akash Verma is playing a vital role in the progress of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

He is one of the most popular and youngest bank managers in India. He has accomplished a lot at such a young age and his story is truly inspiring. He was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 13 December 1991. He did his schooling at DAV Public School, Kanpur, and then studied engineering at PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh.

Akash has always had a keen interest in banking and finance and knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the banking sector. After completing his engineering studies, Akash started At a young age, he became a manager of KBC, one of the leading banks in India

Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp Number
Dear KBC lover! As you know, your privacy and security is our priority. To keep you safe, we’ve launched WhatsApp. KBC WhatsApp is available 24/7. In this regard, we have moved our managers as well as the whole team to WhatsApp to provide your fast and end-to-end encrypted service.

We are happy to announce that the real and official Akash Verma KBC WhatsApp number is +917232994082. This is real, authentic and verified KBC Akash Verma WhatsApp number. Now every KBC customer can turn to MR. Akash Verma Manager KBC. through this WhatsApp number

KBC Lottery Managers | Official KBC team
Sri MD Vijay Kumar has more than 10 years of aggressive experience. He is the current CEO and Managing Director of Kaun Banega Crorepati Show.

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Akash Verma is the chairman and chief executive of KBC. He joined KBC in 2007. He also worked as a director of KBC until 2019. He currently works as KBC’s financial manager at KBC headquarters.

KBC Lottery Managers WhatsApp Numbers | Official numbers of KBC
Akash Verma +19182233744
Akash Verma’s role in KBC
Mr. Akash Verma has been serving KBC since 2010. He served KBC as a Director until 2019 and then worked as KBC Lottery Manager. KBC Akash Verma is now serving as KBC Finance Manager from 2020. If you are facing KBC Lottery or KBC Lottery related issues then contact KBC Akash Verma. Here is the official number of Akash Verma. So feel free to contact him via WhatsApp or direct call.

Be aware of fake KBC managers because some so called people make fools of innocent people. To ensure the security of our customers’ data, we have launched the KBC online helpline. We are also providing the official contact numbers of Mr. Akash Verma and Mr. Rana Pratap Singh.

Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2021 in Brief | Best KBC Lottery
In 2021 KBC launched Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2021 trial program. But its results were very surprising. KBC Akash Verma Lottery 2021 has been participated by a considerable number of people. This program is very popular with KBC lovers. This contest was held on the 15th of the month and we announced 500 winners. Each winner in this contest wins up to 35 lacs from KBC Akash Verma Lottery 2021 and 2022.

Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2022 Online Check | KBC Lottery Check 2022

Hi! KBC Akash Verma Lottery 2022 updated list is now available. To check your lottery, please contact Mr. Verma for official confirmation of KBC lottery 2022. He will provide the complete list of winners of KBC lottery 2022. To protect the privacy of our customers, he will now confirm the lottery of each winner before starting the next process.

As a reward for Mr. Akash Verma’s services to KBC and its customers, KBC has launched a new KBC lottery program called “Akash Verma KBC Lottery 2022”. Every Indian can participate in this lottery contest and win a grand prize from KBC Lottery 2022.

KBC Akash Verma Lottery 2022 Entry Rules
A KBC official mentioned some basic rules and regulations for a successful KBC lottery program. These rules are very simple and must be followed by anyone who wants to participate in such an obvious lottery program in 2022. We will undoubtedly explain these rules here.

The registration process for the KBC lottery competition
To participate in KBC Akash Verma Lottery 2022, you will have to fulfill the given criteria. If you want to participate in Akash Verma KBC lottery, just call Mr. Verma KBC Manager and register. After successful registration, he will give you a lottery number. Check KBC Akash Verma Lottery Competition Official Schedule on KBC Official Website. After each contest, find your name in the updated and official KBC Lottery list. Now call Akash Verma KBC Manager and ask him to collect your KBC award.

For more information call KBC Helpline +19182233744
Do you have any doubts about the KBC lottery program? We are here to solve any matter and to serve you. If you are facing any problem regarding Kaun Banega Crorepati Akash Verma Lottery or simply KBC Lottery 2022 then call us and we will guide you accordingly. Our official and experienced team is available 24/7. In case your issue is not resolved, do not panic and do not hesitate to call KBC Manager Akash Verma or submit a KBC complaint at KBC Complaints Office.

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